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Microcredit Foundation Horizonti – winner of the “Giordano Dell’Amore Microfinance Good Practices Europe Award 2016”

June, 2016

ASPEKT is proud to announce the success of our client – winner of the “Giordano Dell’Amore Microfinance Good Practices Europe Award 2016”, revealed on the 13th EMN Annual Conference.

Microcredit Foundation Horizonti has been awarded for its innovative financial product, by offering flexible loan conditions aligned to the seasonal agriculture income, for long-term investments and matching working capital to the production cycle.

Congratulations to the winner for the contribution to the microfinance practices, for better economic and social outreach. We are proud that we assisted our client in achieving their social goals through technology, contributing in defining the Flexible agri-loan product, supporting the innovative product definition with flexible amounts of installments in line with borrowers’ business cash flows and integration into the standard product policy, in order to respond to the specific target group of agriculture borrowers.

The Giordano Dell’Amore Foundation and the European Microfinance Network (EMN) hosted the award’s ceremony “Microfinance Good Practices Europe Award 2016” to encourage European microfinance practitioners to promote good and transferable practices and to increase understanding of the importance of microfinance.