With clear focus and high commitment to the financial industry we have challenged ourselves to deliver strong, determined message through powerful visual identity capturing the ultimate financial software development for separate niche segments under one cohesive product brand, the Aspekt Product Suite.

Conducting extensive analyses of the product value generated for clients’ business we came to a conclusion that the level of flexibility of the software solutions, the business scalability opportunities that the modular platform supports, and the operational benefits of the process integration and automation are the features that create the most essential, positive operational influence on businesses.

Having this insight, we found a way to express the features of flexibility, scalability and integration including creativity and reliability in our presentation approach, through the use of the Rubik cube.

The resolved color shades on all sides of the cube demonstrate proficiency to streamline operational complexity and process flow uncertainty up to a level where efficiency meets sustainability and brings back the control in the hands of our clients.

The selection of playful and fresh color shades with remarkable compatibility are visualization of the strong bond between us and our clients and how we nurture client centricity in all software solutions.

By extracting the Aspekt Product Suite final form of the cube, we illustrate our orientation to persistent product and process innovation and “out of the box” approach, most visible in our implementation methodology.

Encompassing all this with an ongoing, elastic ribbon that bonds the two ends in collaborating synergy we share the most important values of our software solutions, the flexibility of business processes, scalability of additional adjustments on the business model and complete integration of the operational environment, as integral values of the Aspekt Product Suite.