Standards & Policies

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ISO Standard

The ISO:9001:2015 Quality Management Certification is the proof of our continuous improvement and strive for excellence in the solutions and services delivered to exceed clients’ satisfaction.

Quality Policy

The Quality policy underlines our determination for continuous improvement in quality of the Aspekt Product Suite and Aspekt IT Services.

Our quality principles are based on:

  • Quality control and constant monitoring of our offering in accordance with client expectations, latest trends in IT and legal requirements
  • Striving for continuous upgrading, improving and introducing innovations in the work processes based on efficiency and professionalism
  • Dedication of separate teams for implementation, quality assurance and post-implementation support for high quality client service across all stages of project
  • Standardized support procedures and usage of online tracking system for high quality support service
  • International quality standards certification for design, development, implementation and maintenance of software solutions, hardware and system integration and consulting services
  • Employee internalization of the quality policies and abiding by the practices
  • Taking corrective measures to continuously improve the quality of the products and services
  • Striving to provide the necessary resources and technical measures to ensure a physically safe environment
  • Conducting regular risk assessments to endanger the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, and take measures to reduce them to an acceptable level
  • Striving to ensure business continuity in all operations.

ISO Standard – Service Management

The ISO 20000-1:2018 Service Management Certification is the proof of our successful implementations, maintenance and continuous improvements of the solutions and services delivered to the clients by meeting the agreed requirements and deliver high value to the businesses and customers.

The certification demonstrates the following:

  • Co-operating with best practices and that company’s software solutions and IT services are fully compliant
  • Delivering excellent and reliable services and solutions
  • Offering a proactive service management experience to the Clients by delivering high value to them
  • Implementing a culture of change and continual improvements
  • Creating a competitive advantage by promoting consistent and effective services
  • Improving relationships between different departments through better and clearer defined responsibilities and goals
  • Creating a stable framework for both training resources and automation management services
  • Creating a progressive ethic and culture
  • Risk reduction and improving relationships between different departments through better and clearer defined responsibilities and goals

ISO Standard – Information Security

The ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Certification is the proof of our trusted information security and privacy management by demonstrating that our company has identified risks and put in place preventative measures to protect from information security breaches.

The certification demonstrates the following:

  • Robust security practices, thereby improving Client relationships
  • Strong business model and information security management system
  • Considering information security risks, management processes and key operational elements
  • Good documentation and clear guidelines to follow, which helps to keep the company secure and free from attack
  • Compliance with all relevant legislative, regulatory requirements and legal responsibilities
  • Promoting corporate culture, both internally and externally, opening new business opportunities for clients with a developed security awareness
  • Enforcing information security and reducing the potential risk of fraud, loss of information and disclosure of data to third parties.