Aspekt Employee Profile

We are looking for skills that exceed technology

ASPEKT employees integrate talent, professional qualifications and personal characteristics such as:

Personal integrity

Every company has its own standards, rules and ways of functioning into one harmonic society, which loose meaning if not implemented by everyday employee behavior. We seek for employees who can hold on to corporate standards, respect our policies and maintain highest level of professionalism and integrity. If you are trustworthy candidate and can embrace responsibility for important tasks, you are welcomed to join our team.


We appreciate every individual that takes challenges and is eager to explore new things and expand its horizons. We value different opinions and goal oriented personalities who want to crate valuable contributions in projects in order to deliver expected results. The ambition is the driver of our people and our people are drivers of our success.

Analytical skills

Sometimes it is more than just technical skills that are required in order to deliver solutions and services that exceed customer expectations. People that possess logical thinking, ability to solve complex situations and find solutions in analyzing concepts are valuable asset for us.

Team spirit

We work on a complex projects that require diverse knowledge and skills that one person should have and successful projects are result of teamwork. Therefore, we need people who can produce ideas, combine diverse methods of working with teammates and share team spirit.

Project Management skills

Working on complex projects with diverse types of people while having strict deadlines, milestones, dedicated resources, requires very strong Project Management skills in order not to jeopardies the success of the project and avoid compromising quality. We need people with ability to see the whole picture, predict and mitigate the risks and lead the change management on time, within budget and highest quality.

Client focus and technical expertise

Understanding client needs and expectations, and translating them into solution that supports their growth strategy helps us create long-lasting professional bond and assures we are their first and only vendor choice. We need people who can manage to establish trusted relationship with clients and deal with everyday challenges.