From Learning to Employment: Aspekt NextGen Program

Welcome to Aspekt NextGen Program

Aspekt NextGen Program is designed to teach transferable academic skills, to challenge and help undergraduate or graduated students acknowledge practical experience within the IT industry. The program is part of the company’s academic efforts and is held in partnership with various faculties, academic institutions, and education centers. With this program, we hope to provide students with the tools to help them achieve their academic goals and develop their future career growth in the IT sector.


Program Overview

Our program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world application. We offer an exclusive opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain in-depth knowledge about our cutting-edge products and immerse themselves in the dynamic world of software development.

At Aspekt, we believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for aspiring individuals to kickstart their careers in software development. Our program is a unique initiative designed exclusively for final-year students and recent graduates from various faculties across the country.

Who can enter?

Aspekt NextGen Program is for students in their final year of study or recent graduates in Information technology, Economics, or Finance who want to gain experience and grow their careers in the IT industry. If you are at the end of your studies or you have just graduated and you are searching for a company that will support your fast learning skills and career quest, this program is for you!

What to expect?

The students who enter the program can participate and learn through case study scenarios from the IT industry. They will have the opportunity to work under this program where information technology meets financial services, providing them with specialized knowledge of the industry‚Äôs unique demands. By being included in real projects, they can further develop their skills, gain valuable professional experience, and actively work on building valuable communities with motivated and like-minded colleagues. With a focus on the financial software industry, entering our NextGen Program will enrich students’ knowledge on all relevant topics including Business Domain, SQL, C#, Form Builder (JSON), and third-party API integration.


Why Join?

Mentorship by experienced professionals: Our team of experts will provide mentorship and guidance throughout the program, ensuring students accelerate their learning and professional growth. Our mentoring team comprises highly experienced professionals with profound technology knowledge and vast experience in the IT industry.

Educational Excellence: Participate in a structured curriculum that covers the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in software development.

Employment Opportunities: The best candidates in our Aspekt NextGen Program will be given a chance to become part of the Aspekt Team and gain:

  • opportunity to learn and work in a dynamic environment
  • first-hand business experience by becoming part of our team
  • mentorship and guidance
  • possibilities for career growth in a supportive working atmosphere
  • employment and competitive salary

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With the Aspekt NextGen Program, we remain dedicated to supporting and developing young talents with the opportunity for further career development in the IT industry.