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ASPEKT with an Expert Jury Representative at the Banking Tech Awards 2023

June 2023, Skopje, Macedonia

The Banking Tech Awards reward the best in the sector, and Borce Dimovski, Managing Partner at ASPEKT, is on the jury panel for the third time.

With categories for banks, financial institutions, software providers, teams, and individuals, the Banking Tech Awards celebrate the best in the industry. The 24th Banking Tech Awards, organized by FinTech Futures, cover a wide range of categories, reflecting the broad impact of technology in the banking and fintech industry.

For banks and financial institutions, winning a Banking Tech Award showcases the value of their technology investments and showcases their skills, commitment, creativity and execution. For software providers, a Banking Tech Award is a valuable recognition of the company’s products and services. Submission of award nominations will be open until 21st July 2023.

The judging process for the Banking Tech Awards is rigorous and the panel of judges is composed of leading experts in the field. ASPEKT is pleased to be part of the jury board through Borce Dimovski, Managing Partner of the company and proven IT professional with over 20 years of experience in computing consulting and software engineering. The winners of the awards represent the highest standard of achievement in the industry and are a testament to the outstanding work being done to advance the banking and fintech sector through technology. The awards ceremony will be held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London on 30 November 2023.

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