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ASPEKT “Financial World Innovation Awards 2014” Finalist

24th September 2014, United Kingdom

ASPEKT’s Application Processing & Credit Scoring System has been shortlisted in the category “Most innovative financial services solution” for the successful implementation and generated impact on client’s business operations.

Financial World Innovation Awards is initiative that recognizes innovations and creativity throughout the global financial industry, showcasing it on a yearly event on which the most prominent financial and technological practitioners demonstrate the proficiency of their services and solutions. This year, ASPEKT was finalist in the single technology vendors’ category presenting the operational excellence that the Application Processing & Credit Scoring System has brought for one of the clients. The solution demonstrated the capability to address key business challenges of the client and managed to integrate all decentralized business processes by completely redefining software workflow and fixing functionality gaps. The automation of the application processing significantly improved the quality of the service for the client and the integration with the credit scoring operations optimized the time for analyses thus increased employee productivity.

The 17th awards attracted global applicants where entries were judged based on real business impact and experienced benefits, supported by client endorsement explaining in details the improvements that the solution has created. ASPEKT is determined to continue to enhance the solution and include future technological and industry trends that will improve business operations of the financial industry and sees this nomination as a driver to continue investing in innovation of all software solutions.

The awards are presented by ifs University College which is university college for financial education and registered charity incorporated by Royal Charter. The university operates through the Institute of Financial Services which is Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Accredited Body and recognized awarding organization.

Besides formal education and Financial World Innovation Awards, ifs University College is organizer of diverse professional networking events for the financial industry, encouraging research into key financial topics and sharing of expertise knowledge and best practices between members.