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ASPEKT signs agreement for collaboration with Maklease

July 2007, Skopje, Macedonia

ASPEKT signed agreement for installation and implementation of the Aspekt Leasing Software for Maklease Skopje, Macedonia.

After careful consideration of all available technological possibilities, Maklease have decided to implement ASPEKT’s customizable and flexible software solution, the Aspekt Leasing Software to cover all their business operations in Macedonia. This project, regarding the development of complete leasing software is based on the approval from company’s shareholders in Greece. The client will receive completely customized leasing software, integrating all clients’ requirements with the goal to streamline operational process flow, starting from leasing application and leading to end results with increased number of satisfied customers.

Maklease is a Greek leasing company, with subsidiary in Macedonia and with long years of experience in this industry. Тhe main focus on a company’s operations is establishing long-term business relations with car dealers in Skopje, offering clients with full support from a fast review of applications, car-registration and insurance ensuring full service with high quality at one place to its clients. The leasing activity of the company involves rental of vehicles, industrial equipment, real estate, mainly under finance lease contracts.