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ASPEKT signs agreement for cooperation with Agency for Finance in Kosovo (AFK)

June 2010

ASPEKT signed agreement for installation and implementation of the Aspekt Microfinance Software with Agency for Finance in Kosovo (AFK).

Agency for Finance in Kosovo (AFK) signed agreement with ASPEKT for implementation of customized Aspekt Microfinance Software, that is planned to replace the decentralized operations on two different decentralized systems, with fully adapted and functional business processes where all the points, history, payments allocation in past and past due agreements will be available for up-to-date review. ASPEKT is looking forward to continue the successful cooperation with this client in future.

Agency for Finance in Kosovo (AFK), is a microfinance non-banking institution established by the Mercy Corps program for Development of Small organizations and social classes. Mission AFK in Kosovo was started with the purpose to improve living conditions in Kosovo by providing access to financial services for micro-enterprise and small enterprise organizations. AFK streams to stimulate the development of local products and service, create job opportunities for the local population, encourage rural development and the creation and rehabilitation of functional enterprises, educating the entrepreneurs, and encourage women and minority entrepreneurs to start businesses and to be financially and operationally sustainable.