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ASPEKT signs collaboration agreement with Raiffeisen Insurance Broker

October 2013, Pristina, Kosovo

ASPEKT signed agreement for implementation and installation of Aspekt Insurance Broker Software for Raiffeisen Insurance Broker Kosovo.

Raiffeisen Insurance Broker Kosovo signed agreement for implementation of the Aspekt Insurance Broker Software with the purpose to integrate all existing operations in one system and also to streamline the working processes and avoid overlapping on everyday operations and documentation. The Aspekt Insurance Broker Software will be implemented to improve the tracking of the insurance policies for leased cars. The system will be managed as an independent operating system, covering the core business operations to the newly opened entity Raiffeisen Insurance Broker.

Raiffeisen Insurance Broker Kosovo acts as an intermediary in between clients and insurance companies. The company was initially established in 2013 as an independent entity, with the purpose of offering insurance intermediation services to its clients. The company is licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo, authorizing “Raiffeisen Insurance broker” Sh.p.k to perform “Insurance Intermediation (brokerage)” activity on Licensing, Supervision and Regulation of Insurance Companies and Insurance Intermediaries and Regulation on the Way of Selling Insurance Products and Licensing of Mandatory Insurance Operators.