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ASPEKT – Winner of 3 Awards at the Global Banking and Finance Awards

July 2022 Skopje, Macedonia

At the Global Banking and Finance Awards 2022, powered by Global Banking and Finance Review, Aspekt won 3 awards for its investments in the banking industry: Best Banking Technology Implementation, Best Financial Inclusion Technology Solutions Provider, and Best Banking Technology Solution Provider in Macedonia for 2022.

The Global Banking and Finance Awards recognize the global financial community’s innovation, success, strategy, and inspired changes. The awards were established to honor businesses of all sizes that succeed in certain areas of competence and achievement in the financial industry.

Aspekt is actively working to improve its expertise in new technologies so that we may better serve our clients, provide the best technology implementation, and push for financial inclusion. We earned these 3 awards as a result of our employees’ tireless efforts and clients’ continued support and trust, and we have together contributed significantly to financial inclusion in our country through the project with Halkbank and Macedonian post offices.

We would like to thank The Global Banking and Finance Review for recognizing our efforts for the financial community and everyone who is a part of it. Receiving an award is a fantastic motivator for us to continually strive for improvement and to find new methods to make a difference in this industry.

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