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ASPEKT wins at the ”MASIT ICT Awards 2014”

17th June 2014, Macedonia

Aspekt Microfinance Software won the award for best solution in the private sector at the ”MASIT ICT Awards 2014” as a recognition of the outstanding achievements in the field of information technology. Being the first awarded, ASPEKT will be nominated for the “Global ICT Excellence Awards” organized by WITSA (World Information Technology and Services Alliance) in Guadalajara, Mexico in September 2014.

Celebrating innovations in Macedonian ICT Industry, the ICT Chamber of commerce MASIT organized the “MASIT ICT Awards 2014” where IT companies get to share their outstanding achievements in the field of information technology. ASPEKT presented the benefits of the Aspekt Microfinance Software in front of an independent group of judges which evaluated the solution’s effects on the microfinance sector and the type of improvements it has brought to the specific client. The presentation showcased the most valuable benefits that the solution brought to the overall business of the client and the results of covering all business operations, having direct effects on lowering operational costs and improving process efficiency.

Based on the evaluations the solution won in the Private Sector category and assured nomination to the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards, where the first awarded solutions are nominated for further selection on a global level. This award is testimony of ASPEKT’s dedication on solution flexibility, scalability and integration, and assurance of strong expertise in the microfinance sector. The recognition of the Macedonian ICT industry will serve as a commitment of ASPEKT to continually deliver higher value for all clients and incorporate the latest industry needs in order to improve clients’ business operations, minimize costs and shorten time to market.

The Macedonian Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies – MASIT is a non-profit chamber of commerce that deals with issues of interest for the Macedonian ICT industry. The chamber strives to influence the development and competitiveness of the Macedonian ICT companies by helping them improve IT skills through trainings and business cooperation within the sector. The official body that defines the statute of the chamber is the ICT Experts Council, consisted of academic professionals and industry experts who volunteer their knowledge, experience and expertise in the development of the ICT sector in Macedonia.

MASIT organizes numerous networking opportunities where Macedonian technological practitioners gather to promote software and ICT service development accomplishments and through collaboration with other associations (ICT associations in the SEE region, World Information Technology and Services Alliance – WITSA, European Information Technology Observatory – EITO) and organizations (USAID and GTZ) facilitates initiatives that foster regional and international cooperation.