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Driving growth with Aspekt Product Suite for Macedonian Post

March, 2021

ASPEKT announces the successful launch of Aspekt Product Suite – Front Office System for Payment Operations for Macedonian Post in collaboration with Halk Bank A.D. Skopje, aiming at accelerating modernization and availability of banking system in the country.

ASPEKT has successfully implemented Front Office System for Payment Operations in postal offices in the country, providing integration of front office operations into centralized software, implementation of API Delivery Layer and connection to the Core System of the Halk Bank, A.D. Skopje, enabling Macedonian Post to perform payment operations in favor of Halk Bank A.D. Skopje. ASPEKT integrated cash desk and treasury operations, vault administration, , payments transfers (non-cash / cash operations, input orders and billing), in 330 POST offices of Macedonian Post, which processes more than 25% of the total payment transactions in the country.

By launching the system for Macedonian Post, ASPEKT is clearly demonstrating the aim to deliver modernization by enabling fast access to finance to most vulnerable groups of people with real-time transaction processing and 24/7 availability. The process involves financial inclusion of a huge population to financial instruments, which is more and more needed especially in rural areas where access to another type of such an infrastructure practically it does not exist.

The Macedonian Post received a system that provides overview of the financial activities in all offices that will increase the performance control across operational lines, without technological barriers. Now, the Client can offer a rich set of financial services available and closer to its customers, boosting trust during COVID era, the time when this type of service is more than needed.

Despite having a challenging timeframe for implementation, ASPEKT successfully launched the system while being on-time and on-budget. The project was implemented with full cooperation from both teams from Macedonian Post and Halk Bank A.D. Skopje, leading ASPEKT to successfully completing all deliveries. Implementing the system for Macedonian Post and the fact that will boost greater financial inclusion for the population within the country, we are proud to announce that the system is a strong bridge of new technology for providing future modernization of Macedonian Post and its financial services. Further, together with Macedonian Post and Halk Bank A.D. Skopje will continue to collaborate and work on future enhancements in order to deliver better financial services with diverse operations and to provide an excellent user experience.

“To differentiate themselves Macedonian Post must offer their customers interconnected and integrated financial services. This insight is driving all of ASPEKT’s teams who are working every day to build a technological modern system with open and specialized banking technologies in order to deliver unique customer experiences” – Aleksandar Ivanovski, Managing Partner of ASPEKT.

Macedonian Post collaboration with Halk Bank