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FINCA Kosovo Enables Growth & Expansion With Aspekt Product Suite Core Banking System

April, 2022

ASPEKT announces the successful implementation of Aspekt Product Suite, Core Banking System to accelerate innovation and digital transformation.

FINCA Kosovo, one of Kosovo’s largest microfinance institutions, has started its digitalization journey by implementing the Aspekt Product Suite core banking system to support all of its front and back-office operations, leading to greater and better digitization of the organization and its clients. FINCA Kosovo will provide a smooth client experience with regulated risk due to this integrated core banking system supported by digital delivery channels.

FINCA Kosovo uncovered a huge opportunity by implementing Aspekt Product Suite in order to differentiate itself from the competitors and to respond faster in the market. This inspired the whole team to double their power in moving forward to offer the industry a brand new approach with a completely revolutionary and next-gen core banking system. The Aspekt Product Suite, edition 4.0, is designed to adapt to and solve current and future business difficulties, as well as to be strengthened for dynamic management and autonomous operation by ASPEKT. The modular design enables the development of capabilities and modules that align with institutional growth strategies and the complexity of business operations, offering operational transformation to the client, to generate the next-level market opportunity and ushering it into the future of the new digital era.
Despite having a challenging timeframe for implementation, ASPEKT successfully launched the system while being on time and on budget. The project was implemented with full cooperation from both teams, leading ASPEKT to successfully complete all deliveries. The new system intends to improve job efficiency and get them closer to their objective of ethically offering innovative and impactful financial services to low-income individuals and communities so that they may invest in their futures.

FINCA Kosovo, a member of the FINCA Impact network, is one of Kosovo’s major microfinance Institutions having been founded in 1999. The company provides responsible access to finance to low-income entrepreneurs, businesses, agriculture, and small and medium-sized enterprises, helping low-income individuals and communities to acquire assets, generate employment, and raise their standard of living.