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ASPEKT – The New Member of the Microfinance Centre’s Network

6th April 2022, Skopje, Macedonia

We are pleased to announce that Aspekt has joined The Microfinance Centre’s Membership, the world’s largest microfinance network, starting this month.

The Microfinance Centre supports justice, inclusion, equality, and responsible services. Engagement in a community like this opens up new possibilities and opportunities for Aspekt along with all the other MFC Members, because Aspekt is a vendor that is constantly improving the customer experience of financial practitioners by establishing a strong foundation for workflow digitalization with the Aspekt Product Suite, and we cannot ignore the fact that digitalization brings everyone closer to financial inclusion.

We seek to learn even more from all of the members in this network through various collaborations, events, and training that are part of the Microfinance Centre’s daily work. Also, we strive to strengthen the microfinance industry by always sharing ideas for improvements, which in turn strengthens our products and services to get closer to all of the institutions that require our help and support.

We strongly believe in MFC’s mission and we hope that we will contribute to this network by bringing our experience and commitment through new partnerships and friendships and that we will add greater value to the financial world.

The Microfinance Centre is a social finance network that promotes fairness, inclusion, equality, and responsible service. MFC unites 95 organizations across 36 countries in Europe, and Central Asia, who together deliver responsible microfinance services to almost 2 million low-income clients.