Complex Infrastructure Installations and Data Migrations

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Financial systems can keep large size of data or gather data in various decentralized systems and in various formats all of which can influence the intensity and difficulty of the migration process.

Migrating data from complex financial systems by definition is extensive process and requires detailed technical knowledge, proven practices, experience and precision.

With experience in large size data migration and infrastructure installation for entity mergers and acquisitions we share expertise in the following operations:

  • Server installation, configuration, virtualization and fine tuning
  • Storage installation, configuration, virtualization and fine tuning
  • Database optimization and data migration services
  • Interconnection and interoperability of clients’ infrastructure with external repositories and processing centers

Based on the complexity of data gathered and systems that need to be migrated we start the migration process with detailed definition of structured migration strategy which explains the migration process in details, identifies all possible risks and provides clues on how to minimize risk occurrence and impact.

Our migration approach is based on best practice cases and migration projects from our previous experience in order to assure high quality migration process with:

  • complete data consistency and migration outcome with 0% data loss
  • assuring risk mitigation and data security
  • engaging optimized migration time