Software industry is one of the most dynamic industries where trends change constantly and the need for high-tech innovation and creativity is required.

Here in ASPEKT, we dedicate valuable resources on technology research and development utilizing latest technologies in order to develop custom and complex software solutions that bring benefits to clients from various cross-industry segments.

Our team of professionals has expertise knowledge in custom engineering, application design, business intelligence, big data analyses, and SEO techniques, and engages resources to continuously following industry trends in order to stay up to date with the technology and market needs.

We provide services in the field of:

  • Custom Applications
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data Analyses

Custom Applications

We provide custom software development from scratch for simple Content Management Systems (CMS) and up to complex multi-dimensional solutions with distributed databases and data analyses, on a range of platforms, technologies and technology devices based on client business needs.

During the software development life cycle we apply agile approach and use advanced tracking of the complete development process from requirement analyses and design of user interface, front and back end structure, processing logic and navigation to final deployment, in order to make sure the final solution comprises required quality and client requirements.

Business Intelligence and Big Data Analyses

With vast experience and working on complex software projects we deal with large volume of complex, raw data and structuration in useful format for further analyses and data utilization based on client business needs.

We develop analytical tools that enable data consolidation and real-time processing in order to present it in relevant context and enable quality decision making processes.