Technology is constantly changing and following new trends in order to keep the competitiveness on the market can be really hard especially when technology is used to support core business needs.

Holding quality knowledge in hardware and system infrastructure requires practical work experience and understanding of situations and complications that may arise in real work activities and that is how we use the gathered knowledge through the years of professional activity to help organizations from various industries perform better their core activities.

We are specialized in delivering training programs for IBM Power Systems and AIX eligible for governmental and private companies from various industries that need tailored trainings in order to utilize faster gained knowledge in day-to-day activities and increase operational productivity.

Concrete training program content and time table can be tailored according to the knowledge level of the trained group and the exact business needs, covering the following activities:

  • AIX Users and System Administration
  • AIX Security, Network Administration, and Performance
  • Power Systems for AIX Virtualization
  • PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX
  • AIX Systems Management, Clustering
  • Server Consolidation/Migration for AIX

The quality of the trainers for us is very important factor in delivering successful trainings and we make sure that all trainers are experienced professionals with vast practical knowledge and experience in delivering IT training programs in various technological areas.

Throughout the years of delivering trainings we have established training methodology for structured knowledge sharing which addresses concrete client needs and demonstrates operational improvements of the participants.

Our experienced trainers use several proven training techniques combining their best advantages:

Hands-on classroom style trainer – led training – Interactive Workshops

A trainer explains to participants how the infrastructure works and how to perform common tasks with participants performing the tasks themselves in a classroom (LAB) setting;

Seminar style group demonstration – Presentations

A trainer explains to participants how the infrastructure works and how to perform common tasks in a live demonstration;

Book-based self-paced training – Lab Classroom

Participants complete workbook lessons in how to perform common tasks often illustrated with screenshots;

Best Practices / Troubleshooting Hands on Work and Problem Solving

The trainer is setting up environment for practicing and error corrections to the infrastructure and the systems;