Banking Industry

Aspekt Banking Software is a process-driven software solution that delivers operational transformation to banking institutions of all sizes, by adding high service value and financial regulatory compliance.

Providing compatibility to new digital banking channels and a broad range of used devices, banks can enhance their competitive differentiation by using the core banking solution to vastly improve the efficiency of the customer service processes. With the streamlined product management and the introduction of new products, banks can easily influence the customer behavior, covering credit lines, card accounts, deposits and savings accounts.

Including the capability to offer payment channels which are convenient for the end customers, banks can integrate both cash management and online banking compatibility in order to offer valuable advancements and contribute to the positive customer experience, which supports their growing productivity and digital enhancements.

The solution supports banks drive profits and achieve their financial strategy with advanced performance and comprehensive reporting of financial analytic through the real-time transaction processing and the ongoing data compliance.

Scalable to support high volume and high security transactions, Aspekt Banking Software contributes to efficient decision-making cycles and streamlined business processes, governed by automated workflow.

Target Organizations

  • Retail Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Islamic Banking

Microfinance Industry

Aspekt Microfinance Software is a scalable end-to-end microfinance solution that supports the entire loan life cycle for microfinance organizations of all sizes and helps them achieve bigger social outreach.

The solution is specialized to respond to the specific needs of the microfinance segment and to align their social missions with business process rules based on industry standards for analyses of poverty outreach and monitoring social responsibility.

Microfinance organizations can dynamically manage the parameters used for measuring borrowers’ retention and impact rates, the types of borrowers outreached and analyze closely the results in adaptable statistical reports, effectively addressing target market needs and having up to date insight into operational portfolio.

Target Organizations

  • NGO Microfinance Organizations
  • Non-Bank Financial Institutions
  • Microfinance Banks
  • Credit Cooperatives
  • Savings Houses
  • Rural Banks

Leasing Industry

Aspekt Leasing Software is specialized leasing engine for tracking leasing assets throughout the lease lifecycle that enhances innovation and process management principles in the business process definition, and leads to cost-effective and efficient business operations.

With focus on improving scalability to manage growing portfolio volumes, process integration and dynamic solution management, leasing companies are provided with ongoing regulatory compliance system that assures complete process control, thus benefiting from high performance visibility and increased operational productivity.

The evolving leasing industry standards and regulations are effortlessly integrated in this comprehensive system with automated workflow, flexibility for ongoing adaptation and dynamic report definition for handling diverse report analytics requirements.

Target Organizations

  • Leasing and Asset Financing Companies

Insurance and Insurance Broker Industry

With the goal to provide better client service, Aspekt CRM Software adapts and supports vertical integration to the specific CRM processes of the insurance industry.

The user-friendly solution provides clients with powerful tool for identification and management of business opportunities through which to realize their full potential.

Aspekt Insurance Broker Software as a fully automated and flexible software solution supports efficient process management in insurance broker companies by supporting the entire insurance intermediary process workflow.

With streamlined risk management principles and comprehensive business rules, the solution enables end-to-end business service and integrated operations

Target Organizations

  • Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Broker Companies