With flexible approach of data definition and streamlined adaptation of business processes according to client requirements, the platform of Aspekt Product Suite is quality choice for any financial institution that strives to achieve greater operational results with centralized control.

Flexibility of Business Processes

By incorporating software solutions with flexible business processes financial organizations embrace innovations in their work environments and are able to streamline managing internal process rules, employee productivity and operational results with flexibility to respond promptly to market changes.

The platform of the Aspekt Product Suite supports dynamic adaptation of the process flow according to client business needs through dynamic workflow definition, strong validation management and high process control on user side.

With Dynamic Data Collector (DDC) the business process control is transferred on user side, supporting flexible, ad-hock data definition and incorporation of data in any part of the process flow, where the client is the creator and controller of the product policy and can manage dynamically product limitations, including definition of specific product conditions, number of product levels, calculation formulas used per product or organizational structures, customer types or product purposes dictating the privilege for product use.

The electronic archiving of documentation can replace completely or complement the physical archiving using more secure and cost-effective way. Documentation gathering can be dynamically adjusted to respond to different financial organizations and their diverse administration and process rules, by defining check point lists for mandatory documentation, 4 eye controls in any step and how far in the process flow documents can be gathered.

Besides gathering documentation, the process flow is enriched with Stand-alone Template Generator for automatic generation of documentation on any specific process activity, based on client specific template content.

With flexibility for integration of spreadsheet templates, clients have the option to import spreadsheet files in the system and use the data for further processing, usage in reports, generating new spreadsheet templates from user side or simply map the data from the spreadsheet cells with data fields in the system.


Business Model Scalability

Investing in a financial software solution is a strategic decision that needs to take in consideration the software reliability which can help businesses grow volumes and accomplish business objectives by supporting their long term business orientation.

The incremental and modular platform of the Aspekt Product Suite allows accelerated deployment of additional modules and new features in already established operational environment and integration of new operational activities without affecting solutions’ reliability and performance.

The new modules and features follow common interface appearance and form organization which simplifies additional implementations and helps users enroll sooner in the operational process, engaging minimal time for training and change adaptation;

Aspekt Product Suite supports continuous process improvements by allowing additional requirements to be defined and implemented on the go. The scalability of the Aspekt Product Suite means that not only new features and modules but also changes of the existing features and modules are supported as well as modifications of the existing process flow rules in order to align solutions’ options with business model changes.


Integrated Operational Environment

In a dynamic work environment and high competition with which the financial organizations are facing, the key is to provide high quality services on a most cost-effective way and the optimization of operational costs is in direct correlation with the optimization of the time needed for activity performance.

Aspekt Product Suite is consisted of software solutions which integrate all business processes on a central location allowing single data entry and 360° data view for tracking of the complete process lifecycle and quick access to documents from Central Documents Repository.

The integration of business processes allows not only centralization of the process flow but also streamlined integration with back office or interconnection with other legacy systems. The back office processing of transactions is automated allowing simultaneous handling of multiple transactions and instant visibility of processed data in all parts of the solution.

The need for constant tracking of performance results and various report definitions based on specific client needs for analyses and specific reporting requirements can be reached with Dynamic Report Generator (DRG) with which new reports can be defined from user side. Any type of data anywhere in the system can be used to dynamically create additional report content which can be directly integrated within the solution.

The internal inter-sector communication is stimulated and performed with incorporated Integrated Task and Messaging Platform (ITMP) for cost-effective, secure and efficient transfer of messages, assignment of individual or group tasks, reminders and silent messages, and transfer of documents between employees;

With integrated business processes the role of the Action Blog is intensified allowing better tracking of the time and other resources engaged in all actions performed within the workflow and use it for analysis of the process inefficiencies in order to optimize them.