In order to be able to respond to different client possibilities for resource engagement and organizational growth strategy, we have developed two types of implementations, Standard and Enterprise both of which use different approaches allowing clients to experience optimal benefits at any level.

The type of implementation of Aspekt Product Suite defines the approach of managing the scope of operations within the software solutions and provides clients with rich choice of conducting business possibilities.

Both types of implementation have their advantages and benefits for the client and possible course of action can be done based on client criteria for:

  • Business Process Model
  • Implementation Timeframe

Standard Type of Implementation

The Standard type of implementation is convenient choice for clients who are in the initial development stages or have strongly determined business model performing clearly defined business operations and for that purpose need a system that has predefined business processes which engages optimal time for implementation.

This type supports modules and features that are part of the core business processes of one financial organization and follows predefined workflow based on financial industry standards.

Enterprise Type of Implementation

Clients who want to completely adapt business processes according to specific operational activities can choose the Enterprise type of implementation. Here, besides core business activities, the software solutions can cover broader scope of business operations that can speed up time to market for clients and help them increase business volumes with a highly flexible definition of business process rules and unlimited scalability features.

The time for implementation of the software solutions with this type depends on requested modules and functionalities and it is agreed with the client on a project basis.