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ASPEKT at the 4th Annual Microfinance Forum 2010

18-19 February 2010, Istanbul, Turkey

Titled “Confronting Crisis & Change” the 4th annual forum will discuss the evidence of the final impact of credit crunch and the turmoil changes of the microfinance industry. ASPEKT will be part of the event and invites all interested parties to contact us at: and arrange a meeting during the conference days.

This year’s conference will discuss and debate the different perspectives on how will the sector handle the global financial difficulty and what will be the reaction of the microfinance clients with a detailed overview of the future trends and opportunities available to the microfinance sector. The two-day event will gather microfinance practitioners comprising of MFIs, NGOs, Commercial Banks, Educational and Research Institutions, Public Sector Leaders, Donor Agency Executives, Civil Society Organization Representatives, Development Agencies and Microfinance Technology Providers including ASPEKT. Visiting the conference will be a good opportunity for ASPEKT to learn the challenges with which the industry is facing nowadays through networking and debating with other participants.

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