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ASPEKT announces Conference Sponsorship on the 12th MFC Conference

25-27 May 2009, Belgrade Serbia

ASPEKT is sponsoring the 12th MFC conference, titled “Global Crisis: Threat or Opportunity for Microfinance?” and invites all interested participants for discussions and further information on product and service portfolio, to visit ASPEKT’s company stand.

This year’s MFC conference will refer to the global financial crisis in terms of overcoming the threats and opportunities for the microfinance industry. The financial crisis is causing liquidity issues, losses by inflation, deteriorating portfolios and low incomes which need to be overcome and solved by using appropriate business approach. With different approaches, shared ideas and debates regarding this year’s conference theme, ASPEKT will gain knowledge and hear from experienced experts how to override this kind of issues and how to help the clients to find the right way to deal with the crisis. ASPEKT will offer all its knowledge and experience regarding this issue. It is expected that the conference will be attended by more than 450 participants, and we would like to welcome all interested participants to visit our stand at the conference.

Microfinance Center (MFC) is resource center that aims to promote the work of the microfinance sector with focus on CEE Countries and Asia. The organization has increased the membership base throughout the years and has dispersed presence and offices based in Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Armenia. MFC organized annual conferences that bring together microfinance network to discuss industry specific issues, roundtables to disseminate microfinance best practices between closer group of experienced microfinance practitioners and capacity building trainings to educate members on topics that include financial literacy, performance management and client protection.