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ASPEKT announces Conference Sponsorship at the 19th MFC Conference

23-24 June 2016, Tirana, Albania

ASPEKT is pleased to announce its support as a conference sponsor of the 19th MFC Conference, organized by MICROFINANCE CENTER (MFC) which will take place in Tirana, Albania, in the period between 23rd and 24th June 2016 with a pre-conference meeting on 22nd of June. For more information about our product and service portfolio and to arrange a meeting during the conference days please contact us at:

Tirana will be hosting this important event for the Microfinance sector in a 2 days of informative sessions and industry-specific presentations. The conference will bring more than 450 key players, practitioners and sponsors of the microfinance industry in Europe and the region.

The conference will cover the theme “Microfinance in the Cloud” discussing what the new technologies mean for the microfinance industry and the impact they created. This conference will be a key platform to debate the trade-offs, make the case for digital innovations, and critically examine what aspects of traditional service delivery need to be preserved. ASPEKT welcomes all interested partied to visit our stand and get to know more on the latest technology improvements of the Aspekt Microfinance Software.

Microfinance Center (MFC) is resource center that aims to promote the work of the microfinance sector with focus on CEE Countries and Asia. The organization has around 104 members dispersed within 31 countries and offices based in Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Armenia. MFC organized annual conferences that bring together microfinance network to discuss industry specific issues, roundtables to disseminate microfinance best practices between closer group of experienced microfinance practitioners and capacity building trainings to educate members on topics that include financial literacy, performance management and client protection.The conference will be held in partnership with the Albanian Microfinance Association (AMA).