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ASPEKT is attending the Regional forum – “Financial inclusion through microfinance”

22-23 September 2016, Skopje, Macedonia

ASPEKT representatives will participate on the First Regional Microfinance forum in organization of the Alliance of Microfinance Organizations.

The Alliance of Microfinance Organizations is organizing the First Regional forum – “Financial inclusion through microfinance” which will be held at the Hotel Marriott on 22-23, 2016 in Skopje, Macedonia. The event is organized by the successful collaboration of several local microfinance organizations, ASPEKT’ client Microcredit Fondation Horizonti, Savings House Moznosti, Savings House FULM, the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation, with the support of the USAID’ Microfinance Innovation and Inclusion Project.

The forum will bring together networks of microfinance organizations, non-bank microfinance organizations, and regulatory authorities, relevant experts from the country and the region and representatives of donor organizations. This regional forum will be an opportunity for ASPEKT to discuss the key role of microfinance in financial inclusion, innovative approaches to providing better access to finance with the microfinance organizations, the current status and challenges for microfinance in the region, and the regulatory environment for microfinance.

Association of Microfinance Organizations is focused on supporting start-up entrepreneurs, micro and small enterprises, as well as all others who have difficulties to access to financial services (Roma, rural population, etc.). For accomplishing the goals, MFO is working to establish strong links with other similar domestic NGOs, international organizations and foreign donors. MFO is based on the following values: entrepreneurship, participation, partnership, accountability and transparency, sustainability and equal opportunities.