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BankInfo 2022 – The Future of the Digital Market

06 – 07 October 2022, Kopaonik, Serbia

Contact us at to arrange a meeting during the days of the conference and to learn more about our portfolio of products and services.

ASPEKT is pleased to announce that will attend the BankInfo 2022 conference as a silver sponsor, which will be held on October 06–07 at Hotel Gorski, Kopaonik.

The theme of the conference is “The Future of the Digital Market.” The main topics for discussions are focused on e-commerce, fiscalization, digital identity, information security, fraud prevention, cyber resistance, state and banking cooperation, regional cooperation, upcoming technologies such as DeFi, NFT, and Web3, and new generations of customers and their needs.
On the second conference day, one of our colleagues will be presenting the theme of “Digital Ecosystem: An Evolving Model” and use the conference to communicate with financial practitioners about the most trending issues in the banking sector.

ASPEKT invites all interested participants to contact us at our company stand in order to gain a better understanding of the latest technology improvements and how the offered financial solutions follow banks and their missions in providing sustainable, innovative, and client-responsive solutions through financial inclusion.

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