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KUSCCO’s 2022 Annual Leaders Summit – Remodeling SACCOs in Kenya: Insights, innovations, Inclusion

06-09 December 2022, Mombasa, Kenya

ASPEKT will be the Cocktail Sponsor during KUSCCO’s 2022 Annual Leaders Summit which will be held on 06–09 of December 2022 at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa Mombasa, Kenya.

This year’s theme, ‘Remodeling SACCOs in Kenya: Insights, innovations, Inclusion’ is critical to enable KUSCCO to strategize, rethink and innovate on how can better serve its members. Digitalization, the adoption of digital channels, the role of leadership in business model innovation, cyber security, fraud, and mobile payments are the main topics of discussion. The Summit will provide an opportune time to reflect about the industry, the innovations, and the adaptations needed for a sustainable future.

ASPEKT is delighted to be part of this event, to exchange ideas about the journey we all share of changing African lives through access to finance and discover new innovations in SACCOs technologies in the largest cooperatives sector in Africa.

KUSCCO was formed in 1973, as an umbrella organization for SACCOs in Kenya, to provide advocacy, financial services, and training for its members, tailored to largely benefit the middle and low-income earners both in Kenya’s rural and urban areas. This is a significant fraction of Kenya’s population that drives the country’s economy through the small and medium enterprise (SME) engine.