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Meet ASPEKT at the Uniglobal 9th Global Microfinance forum 2013

21-22 March 2013, Vienna, Austria

Titled “Onto the Road to Prosperity – Tailoring the Environment in which MF Operates”, the 9th forum will discuss possibilities for transformation and industry innovation. ASPEKT will be there sharing technological views and industry insight with the participants and invites all interested parties to contact us at: and arrange a meeting during the conference days.

Leveraging the technology to achieve growth and efficiency in times of financial crisis, the 9th forum will bring together top representatives from microfinance and banking environment to discuss attention-grabbing issues including transparency, regulations, social reporting standards, investments, risk management and innovation. On this two-day event, ASPEKT will have the opportunity to meet with industry practitioners and receive insightful look at the industry trends, through presentation of case studies, workshops and debates.

Uniglobal is knowledge-sharing institution and organizer of events that elaborate topics of significance for financial industry segments worldwide and has proven experience in managing conferences, summits and professional trainings for senior level professionals and executives coming from the banking, insurance and microfinance sector. The organization manages multiple events yearly for diverse industries and gathers decision makers to get informed, educated and create professional business networks.