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Sanabel’s 2022 Conference: Reality and the Future of Financial Inclusion in the Arab world

22-23 November 2022, Cairo, Egypt

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ASPEKT will be an exhibitor at Sanabel’s 2022 Conference, which will be held on 22–23 of November 2022 in Cairo, Egypt under the theme of “Reality and the Future of financial inclusion in the Arab world”. This year, the main topics covered will be about COVID-19 and the journey to digital transformation, financial inclusion in the Arab world, green microfinance in the MENA region, and strengthening market systems for customer protection and benefit.

During the conference, regional and international financial inclusion stakeholders will have the opportunity to share experiences, the latest innovations, and knowledge, providing a platform for peer exchange and learning opportunities at these times of both increased uncertainty and hope for a future of dedicated efforts to advance the financial inclusion agenda in the Arab region responsibly and with improved impact. ASPEKT welcomes all interested participants to visit our stand to discuss and to know more about our latest company updates and technology improvements of the Aspekt Product Suite.

Sanabel – Microfinance Network of Arab Countries was established in 2002 by 17 founding members from 7 Arab countries as a membership-driven regional network of microfinance institutions in the Arab world. Currently Sanabel has 64 members from 12 Arab countries. It is estimated that Sanabel members are serving 2.4 million clients representing 83% of the total microfinance clients in the region. The network’s objectives are: strengthen the capacity of MFIs through needs-based training, technical assistance and peer exchanges, advocate for a positive and conducive microfinance environment and for the inclusion of microfinance in the financial sector, promote microfinance best practices among stakeholders in Arab countries through transparency, standardization, peer learning and information exchange efforts, and foster innovation in the microfinance sector by researching and highlighting leading trends in technological developments, product diversification and new financial services.