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ASPEKT announces the acquisition of EuroNetCom, a regional banking software provider

June 2015, Skopje, Macedonia

ASPEKT acquired EuroNetCom to broaden its financial product portfolio with integrated banking software.

By the act of acquisition of EuroNetCom, this legal entity is incorporated under the legal entity of ASPEKT with which all of the operations are undertaken under a sole legal entity. Following the acquisition, ASPEKT has increased the product portfolio with integrated banking software, encompassing bigger financial market share and client relationships with some of the highest-performance domestic and regional banking institutions. The professional expertise of the acquired entity will bring additional strategic benefits and contribute to increasing the know-how and expertise on banking industry specifics, by joining forces and allowing ASPEKT to offer more flexible and cost-efficient software solutions to new and existing clients. The acquired entity is initially founded in 2004 with main strategic focus on providing software to financial industry segments, predominantly in the banking industry. The integrated banking software is a core, retail and commercial banking solution with high flexibility to adapt to client needs and industry regulative, covering all operations in one banking institution, compliant to the international banking standards.

ASPEKT is Software Development and IT Consultancy Company, initially founded in 1992, as one of the first ICT companies in Macedonia and the region, with major changes in shareholder structure and strategic orientation in 2007, changing focus on delivering flexible, scalable and integrated software solutions for financial industry segments. The company’s product portfolio is comprised under the Aspekt Product Suite as a financial software platform, specialized for separate financial niche segments, including banking, microfinance, leasing, insurance and insurance broker industry. ASPEKT has growing client base, reaching Europe and Asian financial markets, covering the operations of financial organizations and plans to expand market presence further on new markets including but not limited to the African market. The product strategy of the company assures the delivery of adaptable software platform for financial organizations that can be flexibly adjusted according to client’s business needs and countries regulative, integration of decentralized business operations and scalability to support client’s strategic growth, enabling the organization to increase the efficiency and automate the operations.