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ASPEKT signs collaboration agreement with Capital Bank A.D. Skopje

March 2016, Skopje, Macedonia

ASPEKT signed agreement for implementation and installation of the Aspekt Banking Software for Capital Bank A.D. Skopje.

Capital Bank A.D. Skopje signed agreement for implementation of the Aspekt Banking Software which will be integrating all core business operations of the banking entity in one centralized system. The main objective of ASPEKT with this implementation is to assure a high level of process automation, and to help the bank increase the efficiency of the decision-making processes thus improve the customer service quality.

Capital Bank A.D. Skopje was initially established in 1996 as the first International Private Bank A.D. Skopje, and since 2007 the bank operates with new management structure under the name Capital Bank. The bank has operations on the territory of Macedonia and also collaborates on projects with Bulgaria and South-East Europe where it is part of the ownership structure to the Alpha Finance Holding, a leading European financial group. The main objective of Capital Bank A.D. Skopje is providing financial services to clients in micro and SME companies, banking services related to card payments, public financing, corporate financing, real-estate financing, financial operations, deposits, domestic and international payment operations, and private and e-banking.