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Asia Financial Institutions Forum 2020

22-23 January 2020, Bangkok, Thailand

Contact us at to arrange a meeting during the conference days, and learn more about our product and service portfolio.

ASPEKT will be Forum Exhibitor on the 2nd edition of AFIFORUM 2020, organized by Footlight International, which will be held on 22–23 of January 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand. This year, the conference will focus on new emerging markets in the financial industry in Asia, impact investing, building local capital markets, achieving scalable growth for MFIs and NBFIs. The Forum will be all about mobilizing capital for sustainable development, while offering a truly unique networking opportunity among the participants. ASPEKT will have the opportunity to network and share experiences among the participants, to discuss and share more information about sector trends and new technologies for the financial industry. Our team is looking forward to meet with you at our booth.

Footlight International B.V. is a Dutch based social enterprise, supporting business development, providing knowledge programs and organizing events. With ample experience, the company has recently found its focus in financial inclusion and the unbanked in Asia and MENA region. Footlight International is the organizer behind the conferences AFIFORUM and MENAFIF. They connect the financial institutions in both Asia and MENA, for those active in these markets, from MFI and NBFI to banks. Over the years, they have produced multiple conferences, trade missions and workshops on a range of topics.