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ASPEKT announces Conference Sponsorship of the 11th Annual Global Microfinance Forum

19-20 March 2015, Istanbul, Turkey

ASPEKT will hold a session on the first day of the conference, showcasing a successful project implementation for a key client through presentation of a case study on a topic “Large Microfinance Organization builds effective operational MIS with dataflow modeling” and invites all interested participants for discussions and further information on our product and service portfolio to visit ASPEKT’s company stand.

Covering the theme of “Achieving dual objective and supporting inclusive and sustainable development” this year’s conference will gather microfinance organizations, investment companies and policymakers to discuss the issues of client protection and transparency, responsible finance practices and investments, the technology as a factor in overcoming cost and access to finance and how to achieve long-term sustainability through continuous industry improvements. ASPEKT will have the opportunity to share the experience of successfully implementing the ASPEKT Microfinance Software for a key client, with decision makers from the microfinance industry, and present how the technology helped the client overcome operational difficulties, integrate business operations and streamline process complexity. The three-part case study will scope the situational analysis of the client prior to the implementation, the outcomes and results that the solution has accomplished and the impact that was created to all organizational units. The two-day event will provide opportunity to network and fruitful debates between the participants, and ASPEKT will use the occasion to receive industry insight and understand better the challenges with which the industry players are facing.

Uniglobal is knowledge-sharing institution and organizer of events that elaborate topics of significance for financial industry segments worldwide and has proven experience in managing conferences, summits and professional trainings for senior level professionals and executives coming from the banking, insurance and microfinance sector. The organization manages multiple events yearly for diverse industries and gathers decision makers to get informed, educated and create professional business networks.