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ASPEKT announces Conference Sponsorship of the 2015th Microfinance Forum organized by Euro Grand Management

23-24 April 2015, Prague, Czech Republic

ASPEKT will hold a session on the first conference day, covering the topic of: “Why IT projects fail, A guide to success“, which will showcase scenarios of project failures, successful implementations and how to accomplish long term benefits from MIS system and invites all interested participants for discussions and further information on our product and service portfolio, to visit ASPEKT’s company stand.

This year ASPEKT will have the opportunity to meet high level experts in microfinance industry and share its experience in managing and engendering successful IT project. With session on the first conference day our team will elaborate and present scenarios of project failures, successful implementations and accomplishment of long term benefits from MIS system. ASPEKT is expecting to acquire potential business partners and generate opportunities for future collaborations with the participants, and also is keen to discuss and share more information about the solutions and products that ASPEKT provides the clients with.

Euro Grand Management is one of the world’s leading business intelligence and strategic information providers. They successfully cooperate with top financial and governmental institutions and non-for-profit organizations around the world. Its service is solely focused on meeting their clients’ most critical requirements by giving them a unique opportunity to obtain cutting-edge information from practical case studies, develop new contacts, exchange novel ideas and gain a competitive advantage. With highly skilled industry experts and analysts, high profile speakers and interactive conference formats, Euro Grand Management helps the most demanding audience to keep abreast of the latest industry, market and regulatory developments.

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