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ASPEKT announces Conference Sponsorship of the 5th Annual Central Asian & Caucasus Microfinance Forum organized by Uniglobal

1-2 October 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia

ASPEKT will hold a session on the first conference day, covering the topic of “How to ensure IT project success and prevent underachieving results”, aimed to provide deep insight into proven Project Management practices of successful IT projects and assist MFIs in strategic decision making, by optimizing resources and mitigating risks when implementing Information Systems.

Uniglobal will be organizing the 5th Annual Central Asian & Caucasus Microfinance Forum, with a focus on funding, management, governance and performance of microfinance institutions during the current economic slowdown, which will bring together experts from around the region that will discuss and share the latest practices and strategies in order to take advantage of a fast changing environment.

ASPEKT will have the opportunity to present its practices of ensuring successful IT projects, to prevent underachieving results in the business, optimize company’s resources and mitigate risks when implementing Information Systems. ASPEKT invites all interested participants to contact us at ASPEKT’s company stand in order to discuss and explain further information.

Uniglobal is knowledge-sharing institution and organizer of events that elaborate topics of significance for financial industry segments worldwide and has proven experience in managing conferences, summits and professional trainings for senior level professionals and executives coming from the banking, insurance and microfinance sector. The organization manages multiple events yearly for diverse industries and gathers decision makers to get informed, educated and create professional business networks.

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