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Meet ASPEKT at the 17th MFC Annual Conference

27-28 May 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

The theme for this year’s conference is “The New World of Financial Inclusion: What Role for Microfinance“ and ASPEKT will be there networking with microfinance practitioners, discussing the current trends and challenges in microfinance and sharing ideas about the role of the technology in this industry. For more information about our product and service portfolio and to arrange a meeting during the conference days please contact us at:

The 17th MFC Conference will focus on identifying microfinance access to finance opportunities through presentations and workshops on financial inclusion, technology, and sustainable agriculture and climate changes around the world. The conference is expected to be visited by more than 500 microfinance practitioners, investors, policy makers and technology vendors who will debate on how different delivery channels offer financial services and how to bring improvements through technology that will be directly viewable to the vulnerable social categories.

Microfinance Center (MFC) is resource center that aims to promote the work of the microfinance sector with focus on CEE Countries and Asia. The organization has around 103 members dispersed within 27 countries and offices based in Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Armenia. MFC organized annual conferences that bring together microfinance network to discuss industry specific issues, roundtables to disseminate microfinance best practices between closer group of experienced microfinance practitioners and capacity building trainings to educate members on topics that include financial literacy, performance management and client protection.