The Story of Social Impact & Sustainable Banking

Macedonian Post, supported by Halkbank A.D. Skopje, reopened the doors of every citizen’s first choice for payment in the country and shown that it is a serious partner who strives to provide excellent service to the citizens.

AI-powered chatbots: The Value Added in Microfinance Industry

The rapidly growing rates of smartphone penetration in microfinance markets are opening up opportunities for increasingly accessible digital financial solutions. When coupled with technology such as Artificial Intelligence, the financial inclusion process is becoming increasingly automated and user-centric.

The Tailored Digital Banking Experience & Increased Customer Outreach

The Premiere Agence de Microfinance (PAMF) is a microfinance institution established in 2006 in Madagascar. It is affiliated with the Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance (AKAM) and is part of one of the largest development networks in the world: Development the Aga Khan Network (AKDN). AKAM works to reduce poverty, economic and social exclusion.