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ASPEKT establishes presence in the Asian market

April 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

ASPEKT signed agreement for implementation and installation of Aspekt Microfinance Software for the Microfinance Institution CreditPlus, Georgia

The Georgian Microfinance Institution CreditPlus signed agreement for implementation of the Aspekt Microfinance Software with the purpose to support the future growth plans of the company and integrate all operations in one system. The solution is planned to replace the former type of operations in decentralized spreadsheet files with more advanced tools for higher productivity and operational control. CreditPlus sees the Georgian overall microfinance potential in the economic coverage of agricultural industry and manufacturing, as the primary income source for the biggest part of the population, who is looking to avoid banking bureaucracy and strict procedures, with alternative financing methods as it is the microfinancing. Following the increase of organization’s loan portfolio and the increased need for more structured technology solution, Aspekt Microfinance Software is able to fully respond.

Aspekt Microfinance Software is meant to support all operations of CreditPlus, to centralize operations from all branch offices and to help the organization in the struggle to eliminate the economic gap between the Georgian inhabitants. As CreditPlus will continue to grow, ASPEKT will be able to scale up the solution in order to respond to their future needs. Aspekt Microfinance Software is emerging brand on the Asian continent and with this client ASPEKT will prove solutions’ stability and quality to adapt to diverse markets quickly and easily.

CreditPlus is a Georgian Microfinance Institution, located in Tbilisi. CreditPlus has operated since 2009th with its main activity in granting mortgage, business, agro and pawn loans, buying – selling currencies. The MFI is headquartered in Tbilisi, operates with currently 11 offices in Georgia through which offers microfinance loans, collateralized by real estate and gold. This MFI is concentrated on providing microloans and financial support to vulnerable social layers and SME businesses in Georgia.