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ASPEKT signs collaboration agreement with Eurolink Insurance

February 2014, Skopje, Macedonia

ASPEKT signed agreement for implementation and installation of Aspekt CRM Software for Eurolink Insurance, Macedonia.

ASPEKT has signed prosperous project agreement with Eurolink Insurance for implementation of the Aspekt CRM Software, adapted to client’s and industry specific needs. With the implementation of the software for managing customer relationship processes, ASPEKT will help the client improve customer lifecycle tracking processes and agent’s activities in one specialized solution. The Aspekt CRM Software is vertical software solution, containing CRM processes specific to the insurance industry. The project is planned to interconnect with the core operating system of the client and integrate operations from all corporate divisions in order to enable efficient internal and external communication, safe documents transfer, etc. on one location. It is expected that the Aspekt CRM Software will provide agents with accurate and up-to-date information on clients’ payments, debts, statuses, etc. on a daily basis, improving significantly employee performances.

Eurolink Insurance Inc. Macedonia is incorporated in 2002 as a direct foreign investment, with the goal to create a distinctive insurance offer that fully meets the needs of the citizens and businesses in Macedonia, with 24/7 availability of all services via phone, mail or in company’s premises.